Your Customers Feedback

Fosubo gets you real feedback from your own customers, allowing your business to act on it immediately

Benefits for your business

Survey Customers

Get your customers' opinions within twenty-four hours of them interacting with your team.

Monitor Feedback

See all your feedback on Fosubo’s dashboard and gain access to data-driven reporting.

Improve Team Performance

Boost your sales and NPS by having customers cheerlead your team and share their wins.

Fosubo around you


Bryce Neeley, VP of Sales, Diamond Wireless

“With Fosubo it’s amazing how quickly we can react to recognize employees for a job well done, provide coaching if there is a problem and reach out to save customers.”

Gavin Hoover, Vice President of Training, GoWireless

“Data is an illumination of a story, and now that we have the customers words, we have more data and are developing a bigger picture than just individuals.”

Manny Arora, Owner of IM Wireless

"Fosubo brought our Andover store from an average of -20 NPS to an average of 60 NPS within 30 days of launching.  Fosubo helps hold my sales reps accountable to offering a stellar customer experience with every interaction."

See how Fosubo can transform customer service for your small business.

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