Assess, reward, and coach employees based on customer reviews

  • Alert
    Recover Unhappy Customers

    Fix customer complaints through negative review alerts & salvage at-risk revenue

  • More
    Engage Employees

    Foster an engaging internal customer service community that learns & grows through sharing feedback & collaborations.

  • Repeat
    Create A Learning Organization

    Offer individualized bite-size coaching, training, & assement tools to employees and managers based on feedback

How It Works
  • Review_link
    STEP 1

    Customer requests to review from their phone

  • Select_emp
    STEP 2

    Customer selects the employee she interacted with

  • Review
    STEP 3

    Customer leaves a star rating and a text review.

What our customers are saying...

  • James Chung, T-Mobile Franchise Owner

    "In just one month, Fosubo helped us rise in customer satisfaction ranking from the bottom 10% to become #2 out of 56 T-Mobile retailers in the nation."

    James Chung

    T-Mobile Franchise Owner

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